New Blog

From now on, I will use a new blog. 🙁  But, it will have the same posts. 🙂  Here is the link . See you there!


I am reading a book by Anthony Horowitz called Snakehead. There are these bad mafias called Snakeheads and Alex Rider has to save the coast and eight different people’s lives while keeping his own. Alex starts the book by parachuting into Australian waters. ASIS then decides to recruit him to find out about the Snakeheads. […]

Thomas the Tank Engine

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without watching Thomas and Friends on Saturday, at 7:00 am, every week. I would scramble out of bed, run to my parent’s bedroom, open it, turn on the TV, flip to the right channel, and finally, watch Thomas and Friends. All this I could do at the […]

The Story of the Tragic iPad

Noooooo!!!! I missed. I’m in math class and someone screams this from the back. Evidently, they were not paying attention to the lesson. Okay. This was an exaggeration of something that actually happened. iPads are a negative influence. First of all, we can survive without them in school. We can just go old school and […]

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